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I love music and one of the best places to be is at Sunbeams. Sunbeams is an amazing place full of music.  It was founded in 1992 by Annie Mawson who is awesome.  At Sunbeams music is more than just listening – it is listening, playing, enjoying, and feeling good.  Annie runs workshops to train other people to understand how therapeutic music activities can be and you don’t have to be a musician to take part. 

I try to support Sunbeams whenever I can.  I sold my bicycle and gave the money to Sunbeams and I have also raised over £1,000 from cake sales and through my school.  I like to tell my friends about all the things Sunbeams do and encourage them to support Sunbeams.

We had a Royal visit in February 2018 when the Duchess of Wessex came to see Sunbeams for herself and open our new building and I was honoured to give the closing speech.

Sunbeams is just a cool place to be and if you can support them please do.

Currently, Sunbeams support me through 1:1 music sessions with the amazing Will Harris.


 We work together online at the moment but can still do all the things we need to do and we compose music and write lyrics. We bounce ideas back and forward.  Will is a fantastic musician but every now and then he tells me that I’ve smashed it and he bins the work he’s prepared.  He is funny and friendly and makes me feel really relaxed and that lets me be creative.  I always feel glad when we move a song on to the next level. The only downside is that the session goes far too quickly.  Will gives me such a sense of achievement that he inspires me to keep on developing my music and I can use these skills in my DJ-ing for my mixes.

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